On Pause

My last post, On (Dis)Comfort, took a hot minute to write and get out to the world (aka, here). So, too, is my current project. It seems my infrequency in posting is becoming more frequent. I suspect this infrequency is only temporary, and I may well get another post out in the next week or two, but I nevertheless feel compelled to offer this forewarning of future delay. 

At the end of On (Dis)Comfort, I discussed a small bit of why the post had taken so long to write. And while that post itself posed its own challenge in writing, there have been unrelated obstacles in the way of continuing the blog. 

The first is a real life pseudo-employment which is both time consuming and draining of motivations to keep up with hobbies such as this. But such is life.

The second, larger issue is that this blog is taking a backseat to my main hobby, which is the publishing of books. A second entry into my first series, Crown of Thorns, is on the way and the editing thereof has put blogwriting on the backburner. One day I would love to do a blog post on the writing/publishing process itself for novels of the sort, and/or posts specific to my novels themselves, but for the time being I have a self-imposed deadline (as a self-publishing author) that I intend to meet and other hobbies (such as this) meet delays or interruptions as a consequence. 

Nevertheless, I can say with confidence that the next actual blog post is on the horizon, and as an assurance of that, I’ll share the title (and, thusly, the subject matter) of that post as well:

On Kings

Until then, rest assured that this blog is by no means dead in the water. It’s instead merely the case that the professional part of this website calls for greater attention at the moment. But I’ll always have something to say, and this blog is one of the many mediums for that voice!

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