About the Site

Morally Grey Matters is the product of a pressing need to ramble about my life coupled with the need to construct a platform on which to advertise myself and, at the time of this writing, my books.

Topics of the blog will generally try to remain apolitical yet cover a wide variety of subjects. That being said, given my penchant for writing (see Works), a good bit will probably be dedicated to storytelling/publishing/etc. CW’s will be given as appropriate.

About the Author

27. Male. He/him/his.

New England born and raised, studied Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, with a focus on Cybersecurity. Self-published my first book, Crown of Thorns, a fantasy-adventure novel, in 2020.

INTP, Democratic/Capitalist, prefer cold weather and hot food. Earth sign (Virgo), agnostic, talkative once approached (hence the blog).